Mumbai: Police file FIR in battered baby Ahuti’s case


The Mumbai Police have filed a murder case in the baby Ahuti case. The three-month old’s parents have not been named in the FIR. Police say the parents are suspects and want to question them first before deciding to name in the FIR.

The autopsy report showed that baby Ahuti did not die an accidental death and that she died after being beaten and suffering head injuries. The shocker came up in the KEM Hospital of Mumbai where the infant died of multiple head injuries on Monday. According to the doctors attending on her, there were clear indications that the baby was battered.

“This is a classical case of child battering. She had severe injuries on both sides of her head,” said Dr Harish M Pathak, head of Forensic Department at KEM Hospital. While doctors at KEM say that Ahuti’s death is a classical case of child battering, little is know about her twin who died 12 days after birth.

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