UPSC examination blueprint may alter by 2013

UPSC chairman DP Agrawal shared his views on changing the exam format, corruption cases involving bureaucrats, and likely effect of reforms on the education system.

Q. Do you feel the need to alter the approach pattern of UPSC examination?

Ans: Change in necessary. The change in format of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination is essential on fast alterations in our education organization. The older techniques isn’t ineffective but demands to be vamped to keep quickly with the time. There are three levels in UPSC exam- preliminary, mains and personality test (interview). UPSC has already comprised a dynamic board to check out the issue. Its report is anticipated to come out ahead of time future year. It is most expected to be effectively from 2013.

Q. With corruption cases affecting administrative official being accounted almost everyday, does it reflect an inability to choose the right candidates?

Ans: I disagree. UPSC always decides candidate judging his/her integrity, honesty and intelligence. The quick way out is a consecutive appraisal of bureaucrats at respective stages to minimize the possibility of their affair in any malpractice.

Q. Do you feel that reclaims in school education  will assist in agitated out beneficial students, who successively, can become effective administrative officers?

Ans: This organization has allowed for students to experiment, introduce and be innovative, which was not potential in an examination-driven system. The learning essential be individual and consecutive, and should not be supported rote. This will add a confident change in the company, and similarly in administrative officers.

Q. Has the introduction of various competitive examinations at primary level carried away the childhood from our youngsters?

Ans: The anticipations of parents who always would like to see their wards standing out in academics have determined the mentality of students in such aside that children are extremely motivated to participate altogether kinds of examinations. In the process, they take a lot of stress, which accepts a toll on their health.

Q. Do you think the Right to Education Act is a creature for social change?

Ans: Yes, it will add a big alteration in our society. This Act arrived at correct time and in next 10 years, it will bear the solutions. By allowing students of economically disfavored groups a fair excess to quality education along with a holistic environment, good repast and discipline will teach them to accept dignity.

Q In your opinion, ought the authorities give weight-age to Class X and XII marks in competitive examinations?

Ans: It should have been answered from day one. School marks are very important as it ex cogitates the total theoretical technique of students, since their foundation years.

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