Hassan’s first Hollywood flick With Mani Ratnam’s son Nandhan


Mani Rathnam

Veteran actor Kamal Haasan who has been busy working on his current project ‘Vishwaroopam’ is soon to make his flick in Hollywood, after receiving praise and an invitation from prominent producer Barry M Osborne.

Rumour suggests that he will be launching Mani Ratnam’s son, Nandhan with the project on board.

Mani Ratnam and Kamal Haasan share a friendship ever since their days from ‘Nayagan’ and are known to be great representatives of Tamil cinema in the outside world.

It’s a very good news for all kamal Haasan fans the movie will be coming on the shorts with short days. People have a very good expectation in both combination Kamal Haasan & Ratnam.

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