Apple Laptop in 24-carat Gold-Plated Version

Apple Gold Laptop
Apple Gold Laptop

Latest  creation in Apple laptop company history  introducing laptop with new awesome look.If you think that the MacBook Pro makes for an expensive buy in itself, how about a 24-carat gold-plated version? A firm called Computer Choppers has just put the finishing touches on a gold-plated MacBook with an Apple logo encrusted with multi-colour diamonds.While it looks like the company specialises in its customisation of Apple products, it mentions in its Services section that will also work “on most any computer or electronic item.” Some of the other platings offered are in silver, old English gold, champagne gold, almond gold, honey gold, rose copper, bronze, and pewter.

This 75 million-year-old rock, sourced from Canada, isn’t the only historical influence on the iPad 2. Apparently, on the front frame of this device, actual pieces of a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s thigh bone have been used, which according to Hughes, were splintered and shaved into the rock, which has then been given a jewel finish.

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