Sprint’s prepaid iPhone via Virgin Mobile Mobile debut as iPhone 5 release

Sprint's prepaid iPhone via Virgin Mobile-
Sprint's prepaid iPhone via Virgin Mobile-iPhone 5 release date

Sprint’s prepaid iPhone via Virgin Mobile is Prtesent trend hot topic rightnow . Apple’s 2012 WWDC begins tomorrow, and Apple fans are eagerly waiting for iPhone 5 release date. though there was no confirmation, but the rumors surrounding prepaid iPhones have proven true since Sprint has joined the prepaid iPhone bandwagon.

Sprint isn’t the first company to have made announcements about offering the well-loved Apple gadget via prepaid. Sprint’s prepaid iPhone will be available as of June 29th via Virgin Mobile, and will surely be a game changer for prepaid wireless.

Sprint/Virgin Mobile will be offering the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S respectively, with the 8GB iPhone 4 selling for $549, and the the 16GB iPhone 4S for $649.so it will be fine to see if Virgin Mobile has a huge increase in new customers beginning with that date. Obviously most of the Apple community is holding out for the new iPhone 5 release date, so it is doubtful the major wireless providers have to worry a lot in this situation. Unless Apple signs an agreement with prepaid carriers to allow them to offer that handset as well.

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