Google Celebrates 154th birthday Valentine’s Day


February 14th is a somewhat special day to all over the world People one who are very anxiety to celebrate this day. Especially lovers will celebrates this day very much. Google commemorates two different events on this day – Valentine’s Day and George Ferris’ birth anniversary – with a doodle. Celebrating the day of love and the 154th anniversary of George Ferris, the man behind the original Ferris wheel, Google has posted an interactive doodle on its homepage.

The lively and colourful doodle features an amusement park in the backdrop. A pair of Ferris wheels in the spotlight replace the two O’s of the word Google, while other rides are also seen in the background, thereby replacing the rest of the letters of Google. Precisely, the roller coaster ride replaces the first G, the track of Go Kart ride forms the second G, the letters L and E have been replaced with the Drop Tower and Merry-go-round rides, respectively.


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