xolo x900

xolo x900
Intel xolo x900

Chip maker Intel launched its first ever smartphone Xolo X900 in partnership with Indian handset maker Lava in India.The partnership between Lava and Intel was announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February this year.

The smartphone is powered by Intel’s Atom Z2460Xolo X900 is priced at Rs 22,000. Lava has also partnered with Croma as preferred retail partner for promotion and sale of the product.

The company’s aim is to build a strong portfolio of brands in association with its partners and to design products that will create connect with businesses and consumers. “We want to be a credible mobile player. With the introduction of X900, we have taken the first step in that journey. You will see a series of introductions over the next year and that will continue to enhance our performance story. We will get into the value mainstream space, in the later part of this year, which essentially puts us in the volume price band. From a roadmap perspective, our intent is to be present top to bottom in the phone space,” divulges Prashanth Adiraju, Director, New Platforms & Business Group, Intel South Asia.

The launch of Xolo has definitely stirred the attention of many. The fact that Tech giant chose homegrown mobile brand Lava to launch the first ever Android smartphone with Intel processor inside, has confused many tech enthusiasts as Intel could have chosen any other established player in the smartphones market. It will in fact be the first time for Lava too, to foray into the smartphones space. Naveen Mishra, Lead Telecoms Analyst, CyberMedia Research, reasons, “I pretty much have the same query as to why Intel chose Lava as its smartphone partner for Xolo’s launch. Maybe Intel was looking at Indian brands to provide that look and feel in accordance with the Indian consumer needs.”

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