Nik Wallenda Crossed Niagara Falls


Nik Wallenda
Nik Wallenda

Nik Wallenda late Friday fulfilled his childhood dream of walking on a tightrope across Niagara Falls . The hair-raising walk took 25 minutes.

The 33-year-old brave Nik Wallenda walked over 1,800-foot journey on a cable suspended around 200 feet (60 meters) up over the biggest waterfall in North America. After a long prayer Wallenda climbed on the cable and headed from New York to Canada. With the help of a long balancing pole, Wallenda carefully found his footing along the lengthy cable and maintained a balance throughout the task. .The hair-raising walk took 25 minutes, less than the expected time 35 to 40 minutes. Wallenda wore a waterproof outfit and suede-soled slippers especially designed by his mother. His father gave him words of encouragement throughout the walk. He jumped down from the high wire on the Canadian side at 10:40 pm.

“My God, it’s incredible, it’s breathtaking,” Wallenda said soon after starting his quest.

He said “”This is so physical, not only mental but physical,” added “Fighting the wind isn’t easy. I feel my hands are going numb.” “There was no way to focus on the movement of the cable,” he said. “If I looked down at the cable, there was water moving everywhere.” He finally added “A lot of praying,” he said. “A lot of praying. That’s for sure.”His next plan is to cross the Grand Canyon, Hope he will reach his next goal as soon as possible.

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