Samajwadi Party’s Akhilesh Yadav

Indian republic has displayed signs of aging and developing. SP or the Socialist Party that’s close friends with top industrialists won 226 seats which is a record, apart from Indira frenzied UP from 1985.

The man of the day is certainly Akhilesh Yadav, for reorientating his political party to continue crucial in modern world.

Akhilesh studied in Dholpur Military School. Since his mother died at an early on age, he was brought up by his grandma. He had appeared for KCEET in 1990 and battened a meritoriousness seat for Civil Engineering Science at SJC College of Engineering, Karnataka. He was a earnest but fair student. After his engineering science, he came along in GRE exam and did MSc Environmental Engineering Science from University of Sydney.

Offending his father’s wills, he married Dimple Singh, an regular Army military officer’s daughter. In 2009, she contested and baffled a Lok Sabha seat to Raj Babbar. He adopted a few bold determinations such as preventing Dons away from the political party and imparting caste-religion politics!

Numbers (seats) measure the results that specify the perceptual experience of success or failure.  Decisions acquire apologised or picked apart due to the number. If there the number is low, every step taken seems wrong. Akhilesh and Rahul Gandhi did similar things such as giving chance to youth but numbers changed the meaning of each!

To be a leader, one has to associate to the followers. Not only one should one understand the aspirations and pain, but feel it too. Akhilesh has gone thru the grind of today’s youth, he connects better and hence could attract them.

There was at one time  that was about globalization. Fellowships produced global brands and productions. With improve and economical forms of communicating and transportation system, the humans has become a very much lower place. But ironically the style is of localization. MNCs approximately the world have set up R&D labs in different countries to change stale products and to produce Modern products that fill the demands of the local consumers.

Similarly in government, territorial political parties and leaders had best because they empathise regional issues and ambitions. Rahul spoke about larger issues while Akhilesh addressed all but local growth like establishing toilets or roads etc.

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