Amit Kumar sings ‘Himmatwala’ remake

kishore kumar song
kishore kumar song

We all remember the very famous matka song, ‘Naino mein sapna’ sung by Kishore Kumar. Now the late singer’s son, Amit Kumar will reprise the popular song 3 decades later in Sajid Khan’s version of ‘Himmatwala’.

When asked director Sajid Khan on why he roped in Amit Kumar for the song, he said, “Re- recording ‘Naino mein sapna’ for me was like being a part of history. Never before has a son sung the same song in the same style which was rendered by his father 30 years ago. When Amit Kumar started singing Kishoreda’s lines it was almost like Kishoreda had come alive to sing the song for us. There was only 1 Kishore Kumar and there will be only 1 Amit Kumar.”

Music Directors Sajid Wajid have recreated the music of this chart buster keeping in sync with today’s music.

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